TLV Psalms With Commentary: Hope And Healing In The Hebrew Scriptures Paperback Book

Various Authors


Barcode: 9780768403183

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Hope and Healing in the Hebrew Scriptures In this volume, authors Jeffrey Seif, Glenn Blank and Paul Wilbur put pen to paper to extract some life-giving balm from the living psalms. The psalms have long been the favourite of those looking to recover equilibrium in a world where so much can knock us out of kilter. Messianic scholars Seif and Blank give meaningful information to help readers get some biblical medicine for life´?¢s assorted hurts. Well-known messianic Jewish psalmist Paul Wilbur adds his unique touch of inspiration to the information. The resulting work flows right to people´?¢s hearts ´?¢ where it´?¢s desperately needed. This fresh translation from the Hebrew comes from the very heart and mind of today´?¢s Messianic Jewish movement ´?¢ making it a worthwhile read, even if it didn´?¢t have the expert commentary. The Tree of Life psalms is part of a larger, developing translation work, itself the work product of a variety of Messianic Jewish theologians from across the entire Messianic Jewish movement, working in concert to enable readers to see the Bible with Jewish eyes. The New Covenant has already been translated and produced, with the entire Hebrew Bible well underway. This is but a foretaste of a coming glory Divine ´?¢ a fresh, joint effort, Messianic reckoning of Sacred Scripture. 400 pages


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