To My Sons

Bear Grylls


Barcode: 9780745956015

Release date: 19/10/2012

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Bear Grylls' 'To My Sons' is a gift of short, encouraging words and simple, line drawn cartoons for your preteen and early teen boys, setting out on the great adventure called 'Life'. With memorable quotes and gems of advice from the Bible and other sources - including the explorer-adventurer's own experience, the star presenter of TV shows including 'Man Vs Wild' prepares your sons with memorable verses, epithets, quotes, one-liners and drawn images.

In the wild places of the everyday, the jungle of life's decisions and on the sheer faced cliffs of the mundane, Bear Gryll offers tiny tools of survival, direction finders and chiselled handholds of ascent in the lively, short lines of wisdom, advice and guidance. Presented with honesty, humour and compassion this book makes a gift, prize, award or token of encouragement for the boys in your family, school, church or care.

"This little book is the culmination of all that I have learned about the game of life. I have learned these simple truths through many mistakes and falls - I have also learned that what I value most is found close to home - I hope these simple truths help you blossom in the game of life - Bear Grylls (Preface to 'To My Sons')


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  • when will this book become available? does it deal with death and the after life as well as living!


    This book is no longer available as it is out of print.