True Reason: Confronting the Irrationality of the New Atheism

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Barcode: 9780825443381

Release date: 02/01/2014

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Today's New Atheists proclaim themselves our culture's party of reason. It is a claim they cannot sustain. Reason is the New Atheists' weakness, not their strength and in fact, the Christian faith is a far better place to look for True Reason.

In sixteen carefully constructed essays by more than a dozen Christian thinkers including William Lane Craig, Sean McDowell, and Timothy McGrew,True Reason unmasks the frequent irrationality displayed by leading atheists like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and Christopher Hitchens. The authors go on to show the great extent to which the Christian faith has historically supported sound reasoning, and that Christian thinkers, past and present, have demonstrated real excellence in reasoned, rational thinking.

Making their case accessible to the first-time inquirer as well as the serious student, this top-flight team of writers presents a sound defense and a strong introduction to the true reason uniquely found in Christianity.

This paperback edition has been revised and contains additional chapters not included in the first (eBook) edition.

"The essays in this volume show why the atheists' ideas are not at all reasonable, whereas Christian beliefs do indeed deserve this description. If the press clippings of the New Atheists bother you, you may acquire some ammunition in the pages of this text." (Gary R. Habermas, Distinguished Research Professor, Liberty University & Theological Seminary 2014-11-01)

"With a clear message and respectful tone, this book challenges and convincingly refutes the claim of the New Atheists to own reason." (Michael Licona, PhD, Associate Professor in Theology, Houston Baptist University and author 2013-11-01)

"This book explains the clear difference between the weak thinking represented by the atheists at the Reason Rally, and the strong reasoning accessible through biblically informed thinking." (Rick Schenker, President, Ration Christi―Student Apologetics Alliance 2013-11-01)

"A compendium of fresh scholarship from contributors who are on the front line of apologetics today." (Alex McFarland, Director, The Center for Apologetics and Christian Worldview 2013-11-01)

"For my whole Christian life I've been saying, 'My heart cannot rejoice in what my mind rejects.' Today's New Atheists seem to be saying something like that: that we should only believe what's within the bounds of evidence and sound reason. For them, that means we should choose atheism, but in reality nothing could be further from the truth. True Reason explains clearly and deeply how New Atheists have both missed and misunderstood the evidence that exists, and why Christianity is by far the better choice for the thinking mind and worshiping heart." (Josh McDowell, Author & Speaker 2014-01-01)

"The New Atheists claim the high road of reason, yet for all their bluster about rationality, careful, balanced, logically valid thinking has not been their strong suit. True Reason, by contrast, genuinely lives up to its title, and so much more. It takes on the stoutest challenges from the most notable voices on the other side and systematically dismantles them, yet with a grace, respect, and even-handedness rarely seen from their intellectual opposition." (Greg Koukl, President, Stand to Reason ( 2014-01-01)

"Another important work in the growing list of books rebutting the New Atheism, True Reason is a refreshing, crisply argued critique of this movement's frequently ill-informed and ungrounded assertions about science, faith, and reason." (Paul Copan, Pledger Family Chair of Philosophy and Ethics, Palm Beach Atlantic University 2014-01-01)

About the Author

Tom Gilson is the Vice President for Strategic Services for the Ratio Christi Student Apologetics Alliance. He is the monthly Worldview and You columnist at BreakPoint, and has written articles for Discipleship Journal, Touchstone Magazine, and Salvo. He blogs at Thinking Christian and The Point. He enjoys canoeing, sailing, and long walks in the woods. He lives with wife Sara and their two college-aged children in Lebanon, Ohio.

Carson Weitnauer (M.Div, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) is the U.S. Director for Ravi Zacharias International Ministries and the President of the Christian Apologetics Alliance. Previously, he served as a campus minister at Harvard University for seven years. He writes regularly at Carson lives with his wife and two children in Atlanta, GA.


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