Uniquely You

Ron Kitchens


Barcode: 9780801093746

Release date: 01/05/2019

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There are countless gurus, processes, and quick-fix formulas to chase in the quest to grow your business, lead your team, and find personal fulfillment. But the leadership lessons we most need to learn are not out there somewhere--they're in here, in our own lives.By sharing his own journey of discovering what his life was trying to teach him through both trials and triumphs, Ron Kitchens equips you to mine your own story for the relationships and life lessons that have made you into the unique individual you are today. He then shows you how to leverage those experiences into a distinctively personal leadership style that is authentic, one-of-a-kind, and effective in building businesses and leading teams.If you want to embrace your own personal leadership style, create an inclusive culture, clarify your professional goals, and maximize your influence, Uniquely You is the place to start!


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