Vice and Virtue

Jimmy Needham


Barcode: 859714159906

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Vice & Virtue is about the thin line between those two words.

In asking this question: Jimmy explains, "what if the biggest threat to our salvation isn't our bad deeds but our good ones? So many of us (including me) rest on our good behavior as the basis for God's acceptance. We think that what God is after is that we be nicer. This couldn't be further from true.

"God does not want simply to make us nice. He wants to make us new. I explore what I call "the vice of virtue" in these songs". I think anyone who listens close will either be deeply offended or deeply encouraged. As I listen back, I can't help but feel both. I see records like story books. The songs are chapters taking you on a journey, each one building on top of the last. You come to end and hopefully catch the big picture and leave changed.

"Of all my records, Vice & Virtue is the most committed I've been to telling the story throughout the individual songs. It's a story I hope will awaken in people a love for the God of the gospel."


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