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Vice Verses is the work of a band that is so restless, they devote an entire song ('Restless') to the condition. It's that very uneasiness - an unwillingness to choose the treadmill over the triathlon - that fuels the band's forays into new musical territory and Jon Foreman's unflinchingly honest lyrics. You can hear the tension build along with the first chords of album opener 'Afterlife', leading into a bold statement of intent: I've tasted fire I'm ready to come alive/I can't just shut it up and fake that I'm alright/I'm ready now/I'm not waiting for the afterlife. I believe we start forever now.

Songs like 'Afterlife' and 'The War Inside' take the harder-edged approach of Hello Hurricane a step further, creating what Billboard has called 'powerful, anthemic rockers' like an amalgamation of U2's 'Achtung Baby,' Linkin Park. 'Overall, Vice Verses is a more eclectic collection than its predecessor with quiet gems like 'Souvenirs' and the title track next to the infectious 'The Original', reminiscent of Foo Fighters, and the biting, largely spoken-word 'Selling the News'. The latter is a poetry slam Beck-meets-Beastie Boys style examination of a media-mad nation: ÔǣAmerica listens the story is told/the hard sell, all caps, all bold - begging the question mongering fears/stroking the eye and tickling ears/the truth ain't just what it appears/we're selling the news." 

But SWITCHFOOT isn't content to merely detail the gaping contradictions they find within themselves or the surrounding culture. As the rousing lead single 'Dark Horses' makes abundantly clear, we were designed to transcend, to stand up against the darkness. It's a theme echoed in Foreman's latest Huffington Post piece (, excerpted here:

"The art comes from the awkward ache. The knot in my stomach usually teaches me more than comfort ever could. The sculptor's chisel carves away at the block to bring something new into being. In the same way, we hammer away at the world we're given to bring something new into being. We re-appropriate the past and present to create the future - breath by breath."


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