Why Jesus? Paperback Book

Artist: Ravi Zacharias

Trade Paperback

Release date: n/a

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Bestselling author Ravi Zacharias investigates the reinvention, redefinition, and reinterpretation of the person and teachings of Jesus Christ by Western culture and offers a defence of the Jesus portrayed in the Bible.
Who was Jesus really? Recent decades have seen a multitude of attempts to redefine, reinterpret and reinvent the person of Jesus Christ and the meaning of Christianity. But none of these reinterpretations - influenced by sources such as the Jesus Seminar, New Age philosophers like Deepak Chopra, novelist Dan Brown and media personality Oprah Winfrey - pays heed to the Bible's account of Jesus' life.
In WHY JESUS? Ravi Zacharias analyses the 'spiritual' movements of the past 40 years, debunking their claims and returning the reader to the classic, biblical definition of Jesus' person, work and teaching. Focusing on Christianity's central tenet - the bodily resurrection of Christ - Zacharias makes a passionate, imaginative and convincing case that the biblical Jesus is the real Jesus.
304 pages