Topz Gospels: Christmas

Artist: Alexa Tewkesbury


Barcode: 9781782596899

Release date: 21/08/2017 / 10027034

- Looking to share Christmas with 7-11s?
- The Topz gang travel back to see the Nativity for themselves
- Ideal as a Sunday School resource over Advent

Take a journey all the way back to the very first Christmas with the Topz gang, and discover a night like no other!

The boys and girls of the Topz gang have been told the Nativity story loads of times. They’ve seen books, nativity plays, and films all about it. There is nothing they don’t know about Christmas...or so they think.

But all that changes when they go backward. Not to last Christmas, or the year before, or even to the year before that, but all the way back to the very first Christmas over 2,000 years ago. They find a Christmas they could never have imagined. Seeing countless angels flood the night sky, and seeing a Mary barely older than the Topz gang themselves being chosen to be Jesus’ mother, and how King Herod went on a crazy hunt for the Baby - the Christmas story they never knew happens right before their star-struck eyes.

Made for 7-11s, this is the perfect resource for kids who think they know the Nativity inside and out. Filled with fun, this Topz Christmas book is a journey like no other!

Help kids grasp why Christmas is much more than a donkey and a stable with this nail-biting, exciting, and engaging book from the Topz series.


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