Moments: Mighty Sound 2CD

Bethel Music


Barcode: 653437581361

Release date: 21/09/2018

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Moments: Mighty Sound is our first spontaneous album captured live at Bethel Church. This full-length album features powerful songs accompanied with moments of raw and unfiltered worship. This project captures the essence of our worship and the cry of a people hungry for God’s world to invade ours.

Off the page and off the script, Moments captures times of spontaneous worship live from Bethel Church.

Collapsing the distance between the worshipper and the worshiped, the captured moments of God’s movement through Bethel Church’s worship times all tremor with thunderous voices and powerful expressions of praise. From songs that have been stewarded to completely spontaneous times of crying out, Moments: Mighty Sounds is unlike any release so far. Gone are the set lists. Gone are the planned key changes. Gone is the human will. Moments is all about being led my God, and nobody else.

It’s worship to disappear completely into. Dissolve into the sounds of worship, discover moments of God’s movements.

Featuring times of pure worship by Bethel Music’s key worship leaders, from Brian & Jenn Johnson to Steffany Gretzinger to Amanda Cook to Jeremy Riddle and other, it features pure abandon. Pure praise.

Tailored towards your own moments of soaking in resting in God’s presence, the songs of Moments are as a rushing wind that sweeps up listeners and carries them out of themselves.

Featuring new versions of Reckless Love, Catch the Wind, Like a Flood and more, Moments share the absolute heart of their worship. The desire to encounter God, and to get lost in His presence

Track 1: Mighty Sound (Spontaneous) ­ Brian Johnson & Jenn Johnson
Track 2: Reckless Love (Spontaneous) ­ Steffany Gretzinger
Track 3: Spirit Move (Spontaneous) ­ Kalley Heiligenthal
Track 4: Catch the Wind (Spontaneous) ­ Melissa Helser
Track 5: Like a Flood (Spontaneous) ­ Molly Skaggs
Track 6: Pieces (Spontaneous) ­ Amanda Cook
Track 7: Come to Me (Spontaneous) ­ Jenn Johnson & Brian Johnson
Track 8: On the Shores (Spontaneous) ­ Jeremy Riddle & Steffany Gretzinger
Track 9: In Over My Head (Spontaneous) ­ Jenn Johnson
Track 10: Where You Are (Spontaneous) ­ Leeland Mooring
Track 11: Cornerstone (Spontaneous) ­ Reuben Morgan & Brittany Mondesir
Track 12: Breathe Out Your Praise (Spontaneous) ­ Paul McClure & Leeland Mooring


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