Between Pain And Grace Paperback

Artist: Andrew Schmutzer


Barcode: 9780802409676

Every human experiences some degree of suffering. And, almost none of us know what to do with it. Between Pain and Grace is at once a thorough study of this major theme in Scripture AND an accessible window into God´?¢s workings in our own lives. The authors address multiple facets of suffering in light of what Scripture says: ´?¢ How does God involve himself in human suffering? ´?¢ What part does Satan play in our suffering? ´?¢ What can we learn from Joseph in the Old Testament? ´?¢ Is there an appropriate response to suffering? An inappropriate one? ´?¢ What about mental illness, sexual abuse, or betrayal? Moody Bible Institute professors Dr. Gerald Peterman and Dr. Andrew Schmutzer shed much light on the nature of the lives we lead-where we are often caught right between pain and grace. 320 pages


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