21 Super Foods Paperback Book

Artist: Jevon Bolden


Barcode: 9781621366157

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Powerful, nutrient-rich super-foods that will help you lose weight, manage stress and anxiety, build your immune system, look younger, lower blood pressure, fight cancer and so much more ´?¢ without side effects! In this first book in the series, readers will discover simple, power-packed, one-ingredient, stand-alone foods that will revolutionise their health. These 21 simple foods are nature´?¢s side-effect-free agents that have been proven by science to be: ´?¢ Cancer cures ´?¢ Blood pressure reducers ´?¢ Mood enhancers ´?¢ Brain boosters ´?¢ Age inhibitors ´?¢ Pain relievers ´?¢ Weight loss accelerators, and more This book will also provide preparation and storage tips, healthy and delicious recipes, and little known health-tips and facts for each of these 21 super foods. 128 pages


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