30-Day Detox For Your Soul Paperback

Artist: Jo Naughton


Barcode: 9781629113418

Hurt, disappointed, messed up, and dried out - that´?¢s how many of us feel in life as we carry on the best we can. 30-Day Detox for Your Soul is more than a devotional - it is a spiritual deep clean or health spa that gently but effectively uncovers the issues of the heart (both old and new) that negatively affect the way we live and act, allowing God to heal us and set us free, spiritually and emotionally. Writing from her own experiences with heart-piercing honesty, author Jo Naughton provides an easy-to-follow daily journey that will ignite a new fire in our relationship with God, leading to renewed purpose and the fulfillment of our true destiny in life. 176 pages