A Brave Big Sister

Rachel Spier Weaver and Anna Haggard


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It's Time to Be Brave! To survive as a slave girl, Miriam thinks on her feet. When Pharaoh seeks to harm the Hebrew boys in Egypt, Miriam uses her street smarts to hide her baby brother Moses.

As she matures, Miriam develops into a gifted musician and discovers other God-given talents. When her kid brother Moses calls the Hebrew people out of Egypt, Miriam also takes her place to lead as a prophet of the people.

*** Called and Courageous Girls - Bible Heroes Your Kids Can Believe In Called and courageous girls are disciples, political and spiritual leaders, philanthropists, moms, businesspeople, evangelists, prophets, and so much more.

Called and courageous women of the Bible face overwhelming odds, finding strength, faith, and courage to join God's Story. Through examples of steadfast faith and ultimately God's direction, the Called and Courageous Girls series invites your children to answer God's calling to discover and use their talents, passions, and gifts to journey with Him on a lifelong adventure. God is calling every courageous hero including your child to arise, trust in Him, and join the Greatest Story.


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