A Life Ablaze

Rick Renner


Barcode: 9781680314236

Release date: 21/01/2020

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There is a storm ahead. Is your faith you strong enough to stand? We’ve all heard accounts of Christians whose faith stood fast through incredible adversity. Stories like these prompt us to ask “could I endure the same testing?” Building a strong Christian life can be compared to building any strong structure: just as the right tools are needed to get the job done, there are spiritual tools needed to help you dig deeper, grow stronger, and stand firmer in your Christian walk. In A Life Ablaze, author Rick Renner carefully examines 10 areas that will strengthen you to withstand the storms of life. Topics include: • A desire the Holy Spirit • The cry for holiness • A heart for worship • Passion for prayer • Commitment to giving • Embracing humility • A love for God’s Word Don’t wait until the trials come. Today is the day to storm-proof your faith!


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