A Practical Primer on Theological Method

Glenn R. Kreider


Barcode: 9780310588801

Release date: 03/10/2019

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Around a table sit men and women with distinct roles: The Interpreter, the Theologian, the Virtuous, the Philosopher, the Scientist, the Artist, the Minister, and the Historian. Each is ready to engage in a passionate discussion centered on God, his works, and his ways. Regardless of which role you play at the same table, you're invited. You simply need to pull up a chair and join the conversation. But how? What do you say when you take your seat? Where do you start? What are the rules of the dialogue?A Practical Primer on Theological Method will help you answer these questions. This primer is not only a how-to manual for doing theology, but a handbook of etiquette for doctrinal discussions with other believers. This popular-level introductory text presents the proper manner, mode, and means of engaging fruitfully in theology.


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