A Walk Through The Dark

Eva Piper


Barcode: 9781400204700

Release date: 30/07/2013

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Read this, the other side of Don Piper's account of his '90 minutes in Heaven'. Don's best selling story is one of 'inexpressible Heavenly bliss' following his incredible return to life following at least 90 minutes with no signs of life following an horrific car crash with zero survivability.

But that's only half the story. Don's wife, Eva Piper went through all the trauma but experienced none of Don's bliss. 'A Walk Through the Dark' is the story of standing at the bedside of a broken man who could do nothing but moan in agony and turn his head away from her, and her step by step journey and transformation into a person she never expected to become.

Don had clinically died before being prayed back to life. Don Piper's testimony of heaven experienced was told in the New York Times bestseller 90 Minutes in Heaven. But for Eva, despite family and friends who kept vigil with her, this was a dark and lonely time.

Though Eva's story runs parallel to that of her husband, her experience is quite different. This is not a tale of heavenly places, but an earthly maze of hospital corridors, insurance forms, tiring commutes from home to workplace and hospital, and lonely hours of waiting and worrying.

Eva Piper brings a unique insight into the trials of heartache, the triumph of overcoming and the strength of faith that held her broken husband and her family together.


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