A Witness Forever

Michael Cassidy


Barcode: 9781594527999

Release date: 01/04/2022

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On 26th April the polls opened for South Africa's first democratic election. While thousands of South Africans of every shade and creed queued patiently outside the polling stations, the rest of the world held its breath. Would the fragile peace prevail?" "Michael Cassidy reveals for the first time what went on behind the scenes, away from the dramatic headlines, as South Africa inched its way towards the momentous election. A plane with a faulty dial, a prayer meeting with 30,000 people, a Kenyan diplomat, Christian leaders working backstage -- all played a part in what newspapers worldwide hailed as a miracle. Describing the unbearable suspense as the situation teetered on the brink of disaster and the sheer joy when a solution was reached just six days before the elections, Michael Cassidy maintains that, whatever the future holds for South Africa, the extraordinary events leading up to April 1994 do indeed deserve to held up as a witness for ever to the power of God. Get this book and learn the first-hand account of the miracles that led to a peaceful end of apartheid in South Africa.


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