Artist: Ian McIntosh


Barcode: 845121010701

Release date: 14/05/2009

£2.99 (was £12.99)
Ian McIntosh is a 23 year old worship leader who ministers at Bethel Church in Redding, California who has produced two albums, 'Awakened' (2007) and 'Alive' (2009) which were issued by Kingsway Music in the UK in June 2010. He passionately believes Christian musicians should be the ones who write the most creative music in the world. There is a lot of creativity here with melodic keys and atmospheric guitars. With the expansion of Jesus Culture Music from the US into the UK with the radical worship songs by Kim Walker-Smith, Chris Quilala and Melissa How, one of the youth groups young musicians Ian McIntosh has added to the output to what they believe is a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit in worship. My critique of this album is that Ian's vocals are spoilt when on a number of tracks he sings in a falsetto voice. The final 12 minute track "You Are Holy" particularly suffered from bursts of this ill advised technique. This album needed a tighter production as there were standout tracks "What Does It Sound Like", the instrumental "Flight", and Misty Edwards' song "Light Of Your Face" sung by Melissa How until Ian returns with his high-pitched finale.