All Things New

Artist: John Eldredge


Barcode: 9780718098933

Release date: 19/10/2017

£9.99 (was £10.99)
It’s a simple idea that changes everything: what if it isn’t heaven, but a new earth, that is our eternal destination. That everything has always been about being made new, and not simply escaping? John Eldredge takes this revolutionary idea, and explored the impact that has on life ands faith today. That we should live for the renewal of everything; the world, our being, and everything which colours our existence. Imagine if renewal was what was ahead. How would that change how you lived today? When we know the a good thing is ahead, we begin to see the present differently. The decoration at home never seem brighter that the night before Christmas; no day as bright as the one before a wedding; no food as appealing right before it is served. Expectation of a good thing changes what is already around you. Knowing that God has complete renewal in plan would also change how you lived your faith. Rather than a mysterious heaven that we know very little about, and that exists mostly in popular ideas of clouds and gates, we can look forward to a renewal of everything. A day when all things will be made new. In his signature warm style, and passion for faith and God’s creation, John Eldredge writes of a hope for tomorrow and a better today. A message of hope for the ages.