Angel Stories Paperback Book

Artist: Jonathan Nixon


Barcode: 9781621365525

£10.99 (was £11.99)
Some of you have entertained angels unawares (Hebrews 13:2). Do angels really exist? What is their purpose? Do they interact with us? And what about demons and fallen angels? What should we do about them? Angel Stories answers these questions and more through a collection of encounters told by a ´?¢who´?¢s who´?¢ of Christian prophetic and apostolic leaders. Told primarily in the first person, these enlightening and powerful stories present the case for the existence of angels, explore their purpose, and give readers biblical insight into this fascinating subject. Contributors include: ´?¢ John Paul Jackson: I Didn´?¢t Tell You to Buy That Truck ´?¢ Randy Clark: Signs and Wonders ´?¢ Joshua Mills: Angels, Fire Ball, and Healing ´?¢ Shawn Bolz: Angel in a White Suit ´?¢ Julie Meyer: Messengers of Fire 224 pages