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The doctrine of the Trinity in the Apocalypse is not only the most highly developed in the whole of the Bible, it brackets human history, under girds reality and provides the bedrock for Christian hope.

The God who is the 'alpha and omega', the Lamb who is the 'First and the Last' and the Sevenfold Spirit who mediates God's revelation and presence to his people, provides all that is necessary to ensure that whatever Christians might have to endure in the world, they, like their Saviour, are victorious over the world (3:21;19:14).

Here is a vision of God who is transcendent and yet near, almighty and yet tender, ruling and rescuing. This is the God of the Christian faith.What follows is a series of expositions which tease out the theological and pastoral aspects of the book of Revelation.

This involves setting the passages in their original context in order to enable us to engage with the contemporary scene of Christians living in the West. We discover that many of the pressures the first Christians faced are very similar to the ones we are facing today. What is more, the comfort John's visions provide for his first readers come home to us with an amazing immediacy. John's world, the world of the apocalypse, is very much our world and his God our God in all his Triune majesty.


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