Be Joyful: A 40-Day Journey To Discover Real Joy

Artist: Helen Roberts


Barcode: 9781908393791

Release date: 17/08/2018

"Like most of us who want our lives to be more happy than sad, I have pondered the concept of joy. I have been prophesied over regarding joy and delighted in the idea of it. Not to compensate for a grumpy disposition, but because I genuinely want to be a joyful person!" 

Joy, as a fruit of the Holy Spirit, breaks the bonds of sadness. Joy brings strength and peace. Joy brings fulfilment and endurance.

So how do we get real joy?

An in depth study of the story of the Prodigal Son reveals that there were in fact two lost sons in Jesus' parable - the one who ran away, and the one who stayed at home, yet still lost his understanding of true sonship. Through this parable, Helen Roberts explores the meaning of true joy - how we can find it, and how we can apply it to the way we live, day by day.