Being Lena Levi

Bobbie Ann Cole


Barcode: 9781912726097

Release date: 19/09/2019

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ItÕs 1950: a mysterious stranger shows up at Marlene RobertÕs Canterbury home, turning her teenage world upside down. The exotic ÔMuttiÕ, a German Jew and Holocaust survivor, is the mother she never knew she had. Years earlier, Mutti had sent the infant Marlene to England for safety but now she wants her daughter Ð her ÔLena LeviÕ Ð back. As Marlene finds her whole identity thrown into doubt, can she still trust her English ÔMumÕ? And can she rely on the charismatic Mutti, a volatile woman deeply scarred by the horrors of Auschwitz? Compelled to find out who she really is, Marlene boldly determines to go to the newly-founded state of Israel to resurrect a younger self she thought she had forgotten. For Marlene Roberts, being Lena Levi is going to be the adventure of a lifetime.


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