Billy Fidget's Family Fortunes Paperback Book

Artist: Nick Battle


Barcode: 9781444703641

Thanks to a bit of divine intervention, Billy Fidget, reformed wheeler-dealer and ex-womaniser, finally has his life back on track. Then his wife, Helen, gets pregnant. And teenage son Tom gets sent to prison for dealing drugs. This is not how life was meant to work out... Billy Fidget writes letters to God. And, somewhat unexpectedly, God writes back. After the traumatic events and dramatic reconciliation of The Billy Fidget Letters life has got back to normal, but then Helen gets pregnant with their fourth child - and Tom gets caught selling drugs to schoolfriends. Billy just doesn´?¢t understand it. But, as ever, God has a plan - it´?¢s just not necessarily going to be an easy road. This follow-up to The Billy Fidget Letters has just the same fearless honesty as the first book, so that through the ups and downs of Billy´?¢s spiritual career we can connect with the issues that face him and his family - and maybe learn something about ourselves along the way. 256 pages