Bulletproof Paperback Book

Artist: Jeff Rostocil


Barcode: 9780768442052

Precarious times will progressively become more perilous as the Day of the Lord draws near. But God assures your safety and security! In light of increased worldwide terrorism, pandemics and political unrest, believers have no need to live afraid. Psalm 91 directs you to the secret place and assures you of safety in the face of danger, disease and widespread destruction. Bulletproof outlines the benefits and promises of Psalm 91 and teaches you how to access them for your family, your community and your future. Paul the apostle predicted society becoming more crude, cruel, profane, savage, slanderous, cynical, rebellious, money-hungry, self-absorbed and pregnant with lust before Christ´?¢s appearance. Yet as stewards of a fallen planet, we are not left without hope. Psalm 91 is a timeless anchor of assurance for the righteous. Bulletproof unearths the secrets to securing the protection and favour of God that promises deliverance from disease, famine, terrorism and war. This is your moment in history. You are called to thrive, survive and live to revive others. Let this promise of being Bulletproof become your prophetic pledge ´?¢ may it catapult you into great exploits. 208 pages