Business Of Honour

Artist: Bob Hasson and Danny Silk


Barcode: 9781947165144

Release date: 01/12/2017

£9.99 (was £11.99)
Honour is the art of stewarding relationships well. Business is all about relationships, and every day at work presents us with a choice:

Will we fight for fear-free connections with our team members, employees, vendors, and customers for the sake of our mutual success?

Or will we default into self-protection and self-serving and participate in a relational culture of disconnection?

This is the choice between honour and dishonour, and it flows from our hearts and our core beliefs about people.

In The Business of Honour, Bob Hasson and Danny Silk lay out a pathway for living with a heart of honour in business, from receiving your identity to investing in healthy relationships and taking the lead in building honouring culture in your company or organisation.