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Called Paperback Book

Artist: Becky Galloway


Barcode: 9781908393265

£7.64 (was £8.99)
When Becky Galloway set out to deliver a teaching session on balancing the dual calling of leadership and motherhood, it quickly became clear to her that this was an issue that many were struggling with - not just in her local church, but nationally. Many women think - or have been influenced by others to think - that they cannot successfully be both a leader or involved in ministry, and a great mother. As a result, many are living with frustration and a lack of personal fulfilment. For Becky this has further consequences: the Church misses out on the input of their gifting; ministries are under-resourced; children miss out on a female role model to demonstrate how to serve in the Church in ministries other than the 'obvious' historic ones. Becky's hope is that this book will set women free to become all that God has called them to be: women of strength who are empowered to serve and, in turn, have a heart to empower and release the next generation of strong, godly women. 160 pages