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Barcode: 023755413697

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Spilling guys' secrets (easy) and explaining the mystery of girls (if that's possible). This DVD investigates what guys and girls truly appreciate about one another. Chad's blunt honesty and great comic timing put teenage reality front and center for all to see. Gives girls the honest scoop on how guys are wired and helps guys figure out how to honor and befriend a girl. Shot in arenas, cafes and the wild outdoors, including Q&A with real girls and guys. Hang on for edge-of-your-seat fun and craziness along with Godly wisdom and scriptural truths. Special Guest: Jenna Lucado Includes never before seen footage as well as Chad's Revolve Tour presentation on his book, Guys Are Waffles, Girls Are Spaghetti and Chad's Revolve Tour message on "Guys Like Girls Who..." Also includes trailers from Jenna Lucado, Austin Gutwein, and more!