Christian Atheist

Brian Mountford


Barcode: 9781846944390

Release date: 26/05/2011

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Christian Atheist examines the growing religious phenomenon of those who are drawn to Christianity without accepting its metaphysical claims or dogma. Throughout the history of the Church there have been many people like this who have sat differently to the central creedal claims, but in the contemporary God Delusion culture, more are coming out to claim acceptance for their views.The key to the book is a set of interviews with people who fall broadly into the Christian Atheist category; some are more agnostic and less sceptical than others, but what they have in common is the rejection of traditional belief in God, counterbalanced by an admiration for the aesthetic genius of Christianity (leading to a sense of deeper value), the Christian moral compass, and in some cases the community aspect of Christian life.As one of his interviewees points out, you can’t have Christian atheism without mainstream, traditional Christianity, so Brian Mountford sets their comments within a broader discussion of the issues: God, aesthetics, orthodoxy, doubt and belief, ethics and communal values.His purpose is threefold:to validate and affirm the Christian atheist position within the broad spectrum of Christianityto say to the Church, you ignore this phenomenon at your perilto show that the distinction between atheist and religious adherent is rarely black and white, and that the ground between the two is a fertile source of meaning and value.


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