Christmas Comes To Little Hickman Creek Paperback Book

Artist: Sharlene MacLaren


Barcode: 9781629111803

Release date: 15/09/2014

Two years ago this Christmas, Sadie Bennett's beloved husband was killed in a tragic accident at the local sawmill. What was once her favourite time of year now haunts her, with its cheerful trappings a cruel reminder of the love she lost. The young widow would like nothing more than to hibernate until the festivities are over. When she finds herself assigned to the committee tasked with picking a Christmas tree for the town square of Little Hickman Creek, she begrudgingly agrees but determines to fulfil her duties to the bare minimum.

As the search for a suitable tree gets under way, Sadie is dismayed to learn that one of her fellow committee members is a man she's worked hard to avoid. Reed Harris owns the local livery, and while he's friendly enough - good-looking, too - Sadie isn't ready to invest in another relationship. In fact, she may never be ready, unless a Christmas miracle manages to thaw her frozen heart.

Christmas Comes to Little Hickman Creek is a story of faith, hope and healing and of course renewed love - and Little Hickman Creek is just the place to discover the joys that Christmas brings! With the return of Liza and Ben, Sarah and Rocky, Emma and Jon and a myriad of other colourful characters, readers will delight in a sense of the familiar as they revisit the quaint yet rustic little community known as Little Hickman Creek. 144 pages