Cold Case Christianity

J Warner Wallace


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In Cold Case Christianity, J Warner Wallace shows you how the same analytical thinking used to crack murder cases where the trail of evidence has ‘gone cold’ can be used to crack the case of a two thousand year old crucifixion and an incredible resurrection. Applying his professional skills as a police homicide detective of more than 25 years experience, Jim Warner Wallace takes you through the fascinating process to reveal how the evidence of history tips the scales of justice in favour of the case for Christianity. For Christians who want to know how best to present the evidence to others, and sceptics who (like Jim, before he really looked at the evidence) this is as eye-opening adventure and life changing journey, full of helpful insights and wisdom. As a follower of Jesus you’ll find much to bolster your faith and sharpen your skills in explaining the case for Christ to others. As a gift for sceptics, the book is a fine technical read, a detective story and a guide to how to examine and evaluate all of the information available. Shadowing Jim as he probes the evidence for faith, you’ll find his logic sound, his approach compelling and his conclusions amply supported. Now you can enjoy a great read, unravel the historical case for Jesus and discover its eternal implications with the same verdict that Jim himself reached: the evidence is overwhelming.


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