Considering Creation

Bert Cargill


Barcode: 9781912522958

Release date: 01/01/2021

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Considering Creation describes some of the wonder and beauty of what we can observe all around us. Many people call it nature. Many others call it creation.When speaking about living things almost everyone calls them creatures. Our intuition is that, like everything else, creatures were indeed created. The more that is discovered about them nowadays, the more reasons we have to believe that this intuition is correct and that they were designed to be the way they are. That living things evolved from simpler ones by random processes involving chance mutations in their cells and natural selection in the environment - with no foresight or design, and indeed from nothing to begin with, is a theory being challenged by many authors today. This easily read book is part of that challenge, asking readers to examine some of the evidences for creation by design which points to the almighty Designer and Creator. The seven short chapters describe first incredibly small things and amazingly complex things, then some fascinatingly beautiful living things, and finally some unimaginably large things beyond earth’s boundaries.


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