Conspiracy of the Insignificant

Patrick Regan

Paperback Book

Barcode: 9781842913697

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Patrick Regan grew up in a nice, quiet, middle-class Christian family. So he got something of a culture shock when he spent two weeks doing a mission in London at the age of 16. Having met people from violent backgrounds and living in cardboard boxes with no food, no money and no security, Patrick prayed a life-changing prayer: that he would see things the way God sees them.

Soon Patrick was back in London working in schools in some of the most socially deprived areas, Patrick and his growing team slowly but surely earned the right to share the gospel. When the tide of violence began to rise, Patrick was there to provide the Christian presence so desperately needed.

This book tells the story of a journey that took Patrick everywhere from the roughest estates in London to Jamaica's Trenchtown and to poverty stricken villages in Ghana. Through it all he learnt that bringing the kingdom of God to a place can mean anything from helping a child to read to negotiating between gang leaders.


1. Welcome to reality
2. Asleep in the light
3. Mustard seeds
4. ‘Jesus was a good geezer’
5. Restore the streets
6. Experience
7. Cultural crash
8. Back to Africa
9. Preaching up a storm
10. All that you can be
11. XL R8
12. Redemption song
13. Gunz Down
14. Conspiracy of the Insignificant


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