Countercultural Parenting

Lee Nienhuis


Barcode: 9780736978231

Release date: 09/06/2020

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How can I raise them righteously in a fallen world? Maybe you caught your child in a web of lies. Perhaps your kid is repeating the bad language she hears on the playground. Or he’s picking up the lazy habits of his peers. Have you ever wondered how to raise your kids to change God’s world when filth and folly get all the air time? While the moral tide of our culture is sweeping virtue, hard work, integrity and godliness out to sea, raising a child with godly values is countercultural. But it’s not impossible. Change starts with you. You can reject passivity and equip your kids to reflect Christ to the world. Author Lee Nienhus offers guidance to every struggling parent. As you work on building your own character and confidence, you will learn to model a life of discipline and integrity for your children and become the kind of countercultural parent your kids need.


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