Deceived: One Woman's Stand Against The Church Of Scientology Paperback Book

Artist: Bonnie Woods


Barcode: 9781903905210

Lifting the Lid on the Church of Scientology With the church of Scientology back in the news following the split of celebrity Scientologist Tom Cruise from his wife Katie Holmes, this valuable book, the only book written about Scientology by a former Scientologist who is now a Christian, is a useful contribution to our understanding of this cult. For eight years Bonnie Woods was a loyal and dedicated member of the Church of Scientology, working hard on their programme of self-improvement and rising into their elite ´?¢Sea Org.´?¢ cadre of members. At the end of it she was broken emotionally, physically and financially. This book is her story of how she became involved in the movement, what happened during her time with them, how she escaped with the help of Richard, her husband-to-be, and what happened after. It includes her testimony of how she and Richard became Christians and the drama of her long-drawn out Court case with the Church of Scientology that won her the right to publish her story and findings. The Appendix includes material from her leaflet ´?¢What the Scientologists don´?¢t tell you´?¢. 208 pages