Devil Demons And Spiritual Warfare

Tom Brown


Barcode: 9781603740722

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The church of Jesus Christ is in crisis. Congregations are splitting and decreasing in size. Marriages are crumbling. Biblical intelligence is on the decline. Where is the power? Where are the miracles? What has happened to today's church? Author Tom Brown argues that we have forgotten that our duty to share the mission of Jesus Christ is to defeat the adversary who rules this world. Today, too many churches refuse to mention the devil or teach about the reality of Satan. The result is a weak and anemic church that struggles to convert doubters, rescue those in crisis, or witness the deliverance of oppressed souls in the clutches of the devil. Through reading this book, you will:

?ó Realize that Jesus drove out demons and called His disciples to do the same
?ó Understand the plots and plans of the devil
?ó Learn the origins of and differences between demons and fallen angels
?ó Know whether Christians can be possessed by demons
?ó Understand how the church gives up ground to Satan
?ó Discover how to be free


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