Artist: Simon Ponsonby


Barcode: 9781473617810

Release date: 10/03/2016

£12.59 (was £13.99)
Who ever said Different was easy?

In his latest book, the 'people's theologian' Simon Ponsonby brings a passionate challenge to deal with the things that stop us from following God and which make us just like everyone else.

Different is a way of life, a calling to holiness, and a book which approaches tough issues through delving into difficult bible stories which tackles head-on issues like pornography and family life.

Author and speaker Simon Ponsonby has travelled across the UK and Europe speaking on holiness and God's spirit. He has spoken at events like New Wine and is even a speaker at this year's Spring Harvest. He has also written books like More, And the Lamb Wins, and Pursuit of the Holy, challenging Christians the world over to be more like Christ and less like the world.

Simon Ponsonby's newest book challenges the very way we live our life and our faith, addressing difficult issues with difficult answers and a crystal clear understanding of God's word that is found in all of Ponsonby's teaching.

Different may not always be an easy read, but who ever said Different was easy?