Divine Impassibility

Robert J. Matz


Barcode: 9780830852536

Release date: 14/10/2019

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Does God suffer? Does God experience emotions? Does God change?How should we interpret passages of Scripture that seem to support one view or the other? And where do the incarnation and Christ's suffering on the cross fit into this?This Spectrum Multiview volume brings together four theologians with decidedly different answers to these questions. The contributors make a case for their own viewÑranging from a traditional affirmation of divine impassibility (the idea that God does not suffer) to the position that God is necessarily and intimately affected by creationÑand then each contributor responds to the others' views.The lively but irenic discussion that takes place in this conversation demonstrates not only the diversity of opinion among Christians on this theological conundrum but also its ongoing relevance for today.


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