Do Something Beautiful

R. York Moore


Barcode: 9780802417121

Release date: 21/09/2018

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The Story of Everything and a Guide to Finding Your Place In It

Do you find yourself chasing 'something more'?

We are people seized by longings we can't seem to satisfy. It's built into us - in our very bones. We were created with an innate desire to be a part of a world and a story bigger than ours. Sadly, however, most of us spend our lives blind to the fact that this story and this world are right in front of us, beckoning
us to come and play our part. We keep on with our focused, relentless pursuit of everything else and find ourselves dissatisfied.

In 'Do Something Beautiful', York Moore shows you how to:

- reframe your own story and begin seeing God's story breaking into your life in the everyday moment
- leave behind mediocrity and be a part of that beautiful story
- make your life count for something that matters

Don't give up on your 'something more'. Start chasing it in the right way.


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