Do Yourself A Favour... Forgive Paperback Book

Artist: Joyce Meyer


Barcode: 9781444745184

£8.49 (was £9.99)
Number one New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer tackles the most destructive emotion that roams the battlefield of the mind: anger. Forgiveness is easier said than done and is one of the most difficult personal issues to deal with. When people fail to forgive, it damages - often ruins - relationships, causes stress and other health problems and can turn life and work into a prison of the mind. Without forgiveness, anger and bitterness become a cauldron of poison. The anger doesn´?¢t go away - it just gets worse. In Do Yourself A Favour... Forgive, Joyce Meyer helps the reader transform the simple phrase ´?¢I forgive you´?¢ into a statement of true meaning that can take relationships to a deeper level. By addressing where the need to forgive comes from, Joyce teaches readers to understand the importance of forgiveness, rather than letting anger´?¢s destructive forces take over their lives.