Echo Island

Artist: Jared C. Wilson


Barcode: 9781535996716

Release date: 20/10/2020

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In this YA suspense-thriller, four longtime friends return to their home from a weekend trip only to discover something terrifying has happened - everyone has disappeared. The island is empty. While considering multiple theories, the four teenage boys scour the island for clues, a task which proves difficult since nothing electronic works.

As they embark on their quest, several unexplained incidents suggest that Echo Island is not entirely deserted after all. Soon, a kindly British man named Jack arrives. He reveals some of the mystery, which causes the story to take a startling turn, upending everything the characters have always believed about themselves, their home, and reality itself.

Echo Island is a fast-paced YA mystery with profound theological implications. As the boys discover the truth about what happened to Echo Island, they are forced to struggle with difficult doctrines such as predestination and free will. Since many teenage readers wrestle with trusting a God they cannot fully understand, Echo Island is a relevant and relatable tale - one that will keep readers turning the pages, eager to both find answers to the mystery and learn more about God’s truth in the process.


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