Entertaining Angels

Cavan Wood


Barcode: 9781788930734

Release date: 13/05/2022

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Combining personal experiences with helpful information, Cavan Wood provides a framework to better understand and support families living with autism. Autism affects not only the autistic person, but also everyone with whom they come into contact. Families can face a long and often bewildering journey from the moment they notice the first possible signs of autism. As the father of an autistic child himself, Cavan Wood combines real-life stories with clear information to help parents better understand autism and support their child through diagnosis and the social contexts they will encounter through life. Entertaining Angels also shows how schools, workplaces and churches can become friendlier places for autistic people. Recognising that all people are made in the image of God, Cavan Wood offers practical tips on creating inclusive and transformative communities where all are valued and welcomed.


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