Eusebius: The Church History



Barcode: 9780825433283

Release date: 28/09/1999

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Much of our knowledge of the first three centuries of Christianity comes from Eusebius, the first great historian of the Christian faith. This full-color edition is a standard reference work on the early church.

A masterful translation. (Forum Letter 2004-06-03)

A pleasant and accessible introduction to this important resource for church history. (Atlanta Constitution-Journal 2004-06-03)

A publication with enduring value. (Response 2004-06-03)

A very high quality translation of a very important work. (Christian Library Journal 2004-06-03)

Eminently enjoyable. (Restoration Quarterly 2004-06-03)

Eusebius, as the first church historian, gave us a priceless treasure. . . . Now Dr. Paul Maier in his new translation and commentary brings this resource in its most accessible and convenient form to modern readers. (Ken Curtis Christian History Institute 2004-06-03)

Far and away the best [translation] on the market. (Northwest Baptist Witness 2004-06-03)

Maier has done something for ordinary Christian pastors and lay people. He's brought the earliest years of the church back to life. (Michael L. Sherer Metro Lutheran News 2004-06-03)

There is no book more important to understanding the early church than Eusebius's Church History . And there is no edition more readable and engaging than this one. (Mark Galli Editor Christian History Magazine 2004-06-03)

Well-translated, carefully-introduced edition of ancient texts are the lifeblood of real history. . . . Kregel's publication of a new translation of Eusebius's Church History by Paul L. Maier is, therefore, an important event. (Mark A. Noll McManis Professor of Christian Thought Wheaton College 2004-06-03)

While there are numerous editions of The Church History, none compares with this one. (Biblical Worldview 2004-06-03)

Language Notes
Text: English (translation)
Original Language: Greek


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