Evangelise Or Fossilise Paperback Book

Artist: Herbert Lockyer


Barcode: 9781629110134

´?¢And the world still waits for Spirit-possessed souls, for men and women who are willing to risk their lives for Christ´?¢s sake. The hour is late, and we are living in the Saturday night of the world´?¢s history. The eternal Sabbath is about to dawn, and I pray that while the lamp of life burns on, it may burn more brightly for every one of us, in His sweet, happy service. And with the Spirit´?¢s blessing on us, may we thrust in the sickle and reap.´?¢ Herbert Lockyer Truly, there is nothing so tragic, so hard and so icy as a fossilised church or Christian. Nothing can keep the Christian warm, fresh and alive like evangelism. Soulwinning is a safeguard against a dead, barren orthodoxy. That the church´?¢s expansion depends upon her evangelism is the testimony of the ages. Failing to save, she cannot survive. A lack of evangelism, ultimately, will lead to extinction. Renowned Bible teacher Dr. Herbert Lockyer examines the call, the methods, the obstacles and the challenge of bringing the gospel to a lost and hurting world. When the Holy Spirit enables men and women of God to offer their lives for the sake of the Lord Jesus and to turn the world upside down, it is the greatest adventure of all time! 80 pages