Even When Bad Things Happen God Is Good Paperback Book

Leary Bonnett


Barcode: 9780768442090

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Why do bad things happen if God is so good? The answer is within these pages. Even When Bad Things Happen, God Is Good addresses the age-old philosophical question: Why is there tribulation in the world if God is good? Along with other classics addressing this perplexing question such as The Problem of Pain by C S Lewis and The Wounded Healer by Henri Nouwen, Dr. Leary Bonnett sensitively explores this very common question with the skill and spiritual experience of a person deeply committed to helping you learn to trust God in every circumstance. Reshaping the way you think, act and react to problems impacting your life empowers you to be in control ´?¢ under God´?¢s grace and mercy. Everyone experiences adversity at some time along life´?¢s journey, but when you have concrete steps showing you how to partner with God, you can unshackle yourself from the throes of troubles. You will be inspired to live a more meaningful life, in thought and deed, and make God a personal reality in your life ´?¢ starting today! 256 pages


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