Exercising Your Soul Hardback Book

Gary Jansen


Barcode: 9780446539531

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A modern spiritual primer on connecting daily with your soul which speaks to younger adult Christians and those interested in applying ancient practices of Christian prayer, meditation and contemplation. Millions of us have jumped on the healthy living craze. More and more people are exercising every day. Millions more are watching what they eat (and millions of people sadly are not). The organic food industry, still in its nascent stage is a multi-billion dollar industry that offers people healthy alternatives to the processed foods so many have grown up on. There are gyms and spas to exercise the body, schools, and books to exercise the mind. But what about the soul? How many people give as much time to their soul as they give their minds and bodies? EXERCISING YOUR SOUL is a fitness programme for the soul, one that offers simple techniques to recharge your spirit and enhance your relationships with yourself, with others, and with God. 128 pages


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