Faith, Doubt And Other Lines I've Crossed Hardback Book

Artist: Jay Bakker


Barcode: 9780446539524

In this startling reexamination of biblical history, tradition, and concepts, 'punk preacher' Jay Bakker shows how close to each of us God really is. God is white, male, conservative, and whatever else I want him to be. NOT. God has been exiled from His own creation. Not just by sin, but by religion. Early Judeo-Christian religion painted God as a 'mysterious' and 'unknowable' cosmic being requiring a powerful priesthood to act as 'mediators' between mortal and divine. Jay Bakker sets the record straight. God is not some conservative male 'cosmic cop' policing his wayward creation, and He has never been 'separate' from us as we've been led to believe. Jesus' redeeming presence on earth was proof that the 'mystery' surrounding God is an illusion: God was and always has been present, purposeful, and active in our world. Grappling with what it means to truly 'doubt' and 'have faith', Bakker unpacks and even debunks crucial myths that many Christians accept as fact. He asks the questions no one else dares, such as 'Is God a Hypocrite?' and 'Is God a Good Christian?' He also reevaluates the startling truth about vital issues like divorce, death, Biblical traditions, the influence of tribal dynamics, and even the authenticity of certain parts of the Bible. Our relationship with the divine will never be the same. Insightful and raw, brutally honest but full of grace, this is Jay Bakker at the top of his game. 208 pages