Fat Free For Life Paperback

Artist: Braxton Cosby


Barcode: 9781621369929

Break the cycles of defeat keeping you from achieving all that God has for you´?¢body, mind and spirit. It is no secret that the western world has a serious weight problem. Many of us are losing this battle because we fail to address our whole lives in our plans. We work out like crazy but neglect the mental and spiritual, which inevitably leads us to burnout and back to familiar, destructive habits. Fat Free for Life gives you the tools you need to address all three aspects of your life to get´?¢and stay´?¢healthy, providing insight and inspiration to educate, encourage, and inspire you to understand God´?¢s will for your health and wellness, sharing: ´?¢ 7 foods that boost metabolism ´?¢ Common metabolism myths ´?¢ The keys to self-empowerment ´?¢ 3 effective ways to train