Forensic Faith

J Warner Wallace


Barcode: 9781434709882

Release date: 01/05/2017

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When police officers become detectives, they learn a set of disciplines, principles and philosophies that eventually change the way they see the world, both on and off duty. In essence, investigative habits become a way of life, changing the very nature of the way they experience and understand truth and the way they communicate this truth to others. Forensic Faith shares Cold Case disciplines and practices with followers of Jesus in order to encourage them to develop a more integrated, robust, certain, and defensible faith. J. Warner has served as both a youth and lead pastor and has seen the importance of 'certainty'. When young people are uncertain, they succumb to the doubts and challenges they face in college. Many leave the faith. When adults are uncertain, they succumb to apathy and indifference. Many fail to live their lives as passionate, committed believers. Case Making Christians, however, are engaged, inspired and energized by 'evidential certainty'. They understand that their faith is more than wishful thinking and they have the ability to examine and re-communicate the evidence for Christianity. Forensic Faith will help followers of Jesus to embrace the disciplines and practices of detectives so they will have the certainty required to live a passionate and engaged Christian life.


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