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Kensington Temple, one of Europe's largest churches with a network of over 50 satellite churches across London and a combined congregation of around 10,000, is a thriving centre which has always been renowned for its strength in teaching, led by the international ministry of Senior Minister Colin Dye. It came as a big surprise that in such an established church the Senior Minister felt led to dramatically change the direction of the worship. "I felt we needed to take a radical step in a new direction," stated Colin. "There was a big difference between the sound of our worship and the sound of music that non church goers would listen to. I wanted to reclaim that and produce worship that was representative of the sound of London, a sound that would reach out to our city in ways that our old style music was not doing." A buzz started to grow and grow around Kensington Temple's new worship, and there became an ever increasing need to record all the songs. The result is the new KT CD, Forever, named after one of the lead songs of the album which has been incredibly popular with not only Kensington Temple's congregations, but others as well. "It has been a huge blessing for us," says musical director Fabio, "to see other churches such as Ruach, another major church in London, using our songs within their worship sessions." "This has been a huge blessing to us, knowing something we have created is not only touching the congregation of KT but many others not related to the experiences we have gone through on our journey so far". "Forever is the culmination of 18 months of hard craft and a truly radical experience that has changed the shape of worship forever." Colin Dye


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